You really feel like an outcast because all of the resources available to new brides Pinterest, The Knot, Modern Bride they really sweep all of the underbelly elements under the rug and then youre just left with gorgeous centerpieces and gorgeous dresses. Thats why I felt compelled to write the book because there needs to be some kind of resource that tells people theyre not alone and also allows them to laugh at how ridiculous all this is. The book puts the onus on the reader to figure out what means the most to them. The frustrating thing is that no amount of money is going to ensure perfection. You think it will but the wedding market is a racket, so youre going to be spending more and not necessarily getting the quality you think you should get. And I think thats what actually breeds the bridezilla thing. We talk about in the book how we really dont like the term bridezilla because its like calling an opinionated woman pushy or mouthy or something. Its almost a less offensive slur. You are spending so much and its still not ensuring the quality that you would think it would ensure, and that makes people lose their mind. Youre not a wedding expert, youre just someone who had one.

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